An Ex-Military Reader Reports Anti-White Quotas In Military Promotions Dating Back To Carter Era
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Re: Thomas Martel’s Obama DoD Imposing Anti-White Male Discrimination On Our Armed Forces—And Our Allies!

From: “Aulus Perennius” [Email him]

This didn't begin with Obama, or even with Clinton. It went on all through the "conservatives'" great ballyhooed Reagan Golden Age. It extends back at least to Jimmy Carter's time. And, considering Nixon's 1969 implementation of Affirmative Action, the antecedents are clear. The mechanism used was the imposition of racial and gender quotas at the centralized competitive selection promotion boards for Major (O-4).and above

The basic procedure was explained to me in 1987 at the Military Personnel Center. It ran as follows: the competitive promotion boards for Major and above review the personnel files of every officer eligible for consideration for promotion. In the 1980s and early 1990s this was still a physical process. It has doubtless been digitized now.

First those files being rejected for cause—letter of reprimand, DUI or similar adverse issue—are eliminated from further consideration.

There are generally too many files still left. As the next step, the remaining files are arranged in order of merit. Since there were only a specific number of promotions legally available each year, a card was inserted into the stack after the last promotable file.

Then the demographics were computed. When—as was always the case—not enough minorities and women were above the merit cut line in the promotable pile, the magical Affirmative Action file levitation would begin. The first minority file below the cut line would be pulled and reinserted above the cut line, and the cut off card moved. This of course would knock out the previous last qualified (i.e. white male) promotable file. This would be repeated until the specified number of women and minorities were on the promotion list.

Obviously, this process stripped promotions from an equally large number of better qualified white male officers.

This was a very serious issue for the officers (and their families) concerned, since the Defense Officer Personnel Act (DOPMA) imposes an "up or out" policy. If you were non-selected twice in a row then it was “out” and you got the opportunity to attempt starting a new career in your middle 30s.

This is one of many reasons why I registered as an independent after medically retiring from the Army. I had formerly been a National Review subscriber in the 1970s and a self-identified "conservative". But my former Conservative “gods” had all been revealed to be mendacious cowards and swinish traitors, who were ever ready, willing and able to sell out their deceived supporters to their worst enemies for the smallest mess of pottage.

I loved Peter Brimelow’s two William F. Buckley obituary pieces very much. These "Conservative" and "Republican" bottom feeders cannot be publicly demeaned and discredited enough. should run at least two front page columns a month exposing the sleazy underside history of post-World War II conservatism. And preferably four-eight columns.

This is the only retrospective look that should be maintained with Buckley style 1950s-2000s "conservatism" and its bastard mutant offspring of "Conservatism Inc".

It is a vain idea that there is anything to build on in the current national Republican Party or 95% of "Conservatism". We can only acknowledge the hideously ugly reality about the failed conservative past. Having freed ourselves from those lies, we can go forward to build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Equally vain is the proposition that it is somehow possible to "take back" institutions that were completely remodeled or initially organized to be hostile to white males. I speak of course of the modern post World War II system of so-called "higher education".

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