An Evangelical Reader Deplores Ralph Reed’s Immigration Enthusiasm; We Voice $uspicion$
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Re: Allan Wall’s  Memo From Middle America| The "Evangelical Immigration Table"—A Treason Lobby Front

From: An Anonymous Evangelical Reader [Email him]

Did you hear Ralph Reed on Meet the Press with David Gregory on Sunday (February 3, 2013)?  [Watch it here]. He must have gotten his talking-points from the "Evangelical Immigration Table."

Reed was blathering some about “welcome the foreigner, and showing compassion for the immigrant”! He shared a panel with David Brooks, Robert Gibbs, and some Latina Republican strategist...[ Note: Ana Navarro, who worked for John McCain in 2008, gaining him 31 percent of the Hispanic vote].

How’s that for fair and balanced!

Ralph Reed, and his "Faith and Freedom Coalition" need to be added to the list of “traitors” on the Religious Right!

Peter Brimelow writes: Despite his religious veneer, Ralph Reed is a quintessental member of Conservatism Inc. Click here for more on his long-time involvement with lobbyists. Ed Rubenstein and I noted his $uspiciou$ ignorance of or indifference to demographics back in 2001:

Republican consultant Ralph Reed, for example, told the Washington Post that the party could no longer try "to drive its percentage of the white vote over 70 percent to win an election." (See "Bush Abandons 'Southern Strategy'; Campaign Avoids Use of Polarizing Issues Employed by GOP Since Nixon's Time," August 6, 2000.) Reed was apparently unaware that Bob Dole, the candidate he supported in 1996, had not even won the white vote, receiving only 49 percent.

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