A Reader Notes That, In The Midst Of A Recession, The Senate Is Proposing A SECOND Massive Increase In LEGAL Immigration, Specifically To Allow Foreigners To Take American High-Skill Jobs
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Have VDARE.com’s readers seen the latest legal immigration bill from Orrin Hatch and  a cabal of other senators? Apparently in the midst of a recession, high unemployment, and underemployment, and a horrendous national fiscal crisis, these senators have found the necessity to produce an H-1B visa blowout bill that would flood the United States labor market with foreign labor—and their spouses who can also seek work.

Although the current immigration amnesty proposals, if enacted, would have a negative effect on the United States generally, this mega work visa bill’s effects would be devastating on key areas of higher education and employment.

Hatch, Klobuchar, Rubio, Coons Introduce High-Skilled Immigration Bill

Bipartisan Legislation Reforms Employment-Based H-1B and Student Visas, Increases Access to Employment-Based Green Cards, and Promotes STEM Education

January 29, 2013

This bill (The Immigration Innovation Act of 2013[PDF]) not only expands the H-1B visa numbers to never-seen-before levels, but also rakes the immigration system for every possible unused visa from previous years to allow for more current foreign workers. The bill’s use of effusive, ambiguous language creates immigration categories and loopholes that are designed to be exploited by unethical and illicit interests. My personal favorite is the following:

Exempt certain categories of persons from the employment-based green card cap: ……

·    Persons with extraordinary ability

One can only imagine what a creative immigration attorney will do with that dreamy qualification to push their clients through the USCIS system!

And for those who are keeping score, both Marco Rubio [R-FL] and Jeff Flake [R-AZ] have their names on this US citizen’s job displacement bill and are also members of the Senate’s immigration amnesty “gang of eight”. Jeff Flake must be attempting to achieve the record for the most amount of treasonous immigration legislation in the shortest time, as he has only been a US Senator for a matter of weeks now!

At present the Republican Party should be in a quandary about the low turnout of their base in the 2012 election, resulting in many losses. However, these prominent Republican Senators are backing massive increase in work visa and amnesty bills that will demographically displace the conservative base and challenge their livelihoods.

Obviously, the Senators are taking their orders from the oligarchs whose priority is to dissolve the national sovereignty of the United States, and who find the conservative demographic base to be troublesome to their plans.

We live in very dangerous times.

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