A Chicago Reader Writes That Yahoo News Let The Cat Out Of The Bag On The 1986 Amnesty, But Doesn't Seem To Know It
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From: John Tyler [Email him]

Reading a Yahoo News article touting amnesty, I was surprised that it did indeed report, in the 7th paragraph, that previous 1986 amnesty changed California for the worse:

The 86 amnesty transformed the political landscape in California, which swung from red to solidly blue on the strength of newly naturalized Hispanic voters and their citizen children. (As of 2009, about 40 percent of amnesty recipients have become citizens.) And in 2012, 70 percent of Hispanic voters—some of whom were naturalized through amnesty, or are related to people who were—voted for Obama over Mitt Romney, painting a worrisome picture for the Republican Party, which has had trouble making inroads with the fast-growing demographic.

[The faces of amnesty: Six immigrants' stories, by Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News February 4, 2013]

Of course, this is exactly what will happen if the remaining 11 million-plus illegal immigrants are amnestied. The Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot if they think that, by amnestying these Hispanics, they can buy their loyalty.

Remember that that 1986 Amnesty was signed by President Ronald Reagan. And it merely gave the Democrats a new voting bloc.

Further into the article, it materializes that some of those amnestied illegal aliens have become advocates for "immigration reform" and have encouraged more of their family members and people to come in illegally—in hopes of getting amnesty.  So the vicious cycle will continue.

God help us if amnesty passes. America will be like California, dead and broke.

From the article's comment thread, it can be inferred that majority of Americans are against any form of amnesty—contrary to what the liberal media would like us to believe.

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