An Engineering Student Reports Visiting A Job Fair With Almost No White Male Engineers
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From: An Anonymous Engineering Student [Email him]

I recently attended a graduate student engineering career fair on my college campus, and felt like sharing some of my observations.

The event was a typical career fair—employers had booths and tables set up where future graduates could provide resumes and get face-time with prospective employers. Several prestigious companies were at the event, and were looking to hire people with doctorates in engineering. Starting pay for jobs at these companies vary, but are likely over $100,000 a year.

The starkest observation was the races of the students. In a room of approximately 100 students, the breakdown was like this:

  • 45% Chinese
  • 45% Indian
  • 7% White
  • 2% Black
  • 1% Arab/Middle-Eastern
As far as gender goes, I don’t recall seeing any white females at the event—but there were plenty of Chinese and Indian girls. The few blacks present were not even African-Americans; they were 100% Africans from Nigeria judging by their name tags. There was one African-American female at the event, and she was one of the company recruiters. I don’t recall seeing any Latins at the event either (though the Latins involved in engineering at this school are overwhelmingly white Hispanics, so it is hard to pick them out sometimes).

As the smell of curry penetrated my nostrils, I looked around the room in disbelief and reflection.

These Indians and Chinese people, like myself, are studying for graduate degrees in engineering. As we move into the 21stcentury, it is readily obvious that this century will, economically and politically, belong ever-more-so to degreed science geeks on the far-right-hand-side of the Bell Curve. These are who the movers-and-shakers are going to be in the coming decades. This observation extends to individual countries, as the countries most able to prepare their graduates to compete in the hard sciences are the countries that will capture economic growth. And degreed science geeks are the ones that will be able to command high incomes and live a life of comfort even as vast numbers languish in unemployment.

I asked myself, “Where are my people? Where are the white men? Why aren’t they out here trying to get their piece of the pie?”

What I am trying to summarize for the readers here at is simple: these little Chinese girls and little Indian girls are leaving the white male flatly in the dust. There is no comparison. We complain bitterly (and rightly so) on about unchecked Hispanic illegal immigration, but the real competition for top niches in society is coming from Asia. Fifty years ago, as I know from the photographs of previous graduating classes on the campus, this room would have been composed 100% of white men.

But now today, these white men are sitting on their butts at home, working menial jobs, and playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on their Xbox Ones. Charles Murray's Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 can further educate any of those doubting Thomases out there further.

And to throw gas on the fire, the Republican Party wants to import more Asians to compete against us. God help us!

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