An Engineer Reader Thanks Randall Burns And VDARE.COM
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12/27/06 - A Reader Asks George Bush To Deport Calderon's Illegal Relatives

Re Randall Burns's The Empire Fights Back with Green Card Mercenaries

From: An American Electrical Engineer

Thank-you for your article on about Immigration and Green Card Mercenaries. You give me hope for the younger generation! Yes, you are right. My Dad (who is 81, a retired professor), and I, a 55 year-old sometimes-employed electrical engineer, both have come to virtually the same conclusions you have. Also, your insightfulness and willingness to say what you think reflect well on one of your heroes, Milton Friedman.

In the last year, I have worked as an electrical engineer for two major Fortune 20 companies deeply involved in government contracting basically as a contractor doing work the younger guys were incapable of (but, boy, have these big company guys become hard-core liars!) At one of these companies I worked with a group that works on contract for the US government and other companies. I found this division to be a totally dishonest, lazy, lying bunch of lowlifes.

I suspect the only reason this company is still in business is government contracts (welfare)-combined with the corporate welfare of being able to facilitate immigration to the US. They get hundreds of millions of dollars, then make a little stuff up when the contract expires, I believe. So lying is their business.

Then, about 4 months ago I went to work for another, somewhat better company. I remember going to meetings where the question was asked: "Can we get this done in two years?". I was incredulous, if we couldn't do it in 6 months we shouldn't have the contract, I thought. But they were a pretty good bunch, just used to taking it easy and doing very, very little. Of course they thought they were working their butts off and doing a great job. NOT! Both these companies were totally incompetent and ignorant about electrical engineering. Any time I did some analysis and suggested a better way, both companies became very, very hostile—I never got consideration for a single new idea. But they love subservient foreigners, who, by the way, they treat as inferior species, unless the foreigner is under 30.

Keep up the good work.

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