A Reader Asks George Bush To Deport Calderon's Illegal Relatives
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Richard Humphries [send him mail] writes from Nogales, AZ

Just a few days before Christmas, Mexico's new president, Felipe Calderon, addressed a group of his countrymen at a Mexican checkpoint just south of Nogales, Arizona, a few miles from where I live.

He praised those who cross into America illegally for keeping strong ties to Mexico. Read: "Whatever you do, don't assimilate." According to the Mexican press, Calderon has said that he has relatives living illegally in the United States but that "migrating" is not a crime, but rather, a natural phenomenon. That is to say, "To Hell with your laws, America". He went on to say "For the president of the republic, Mexico does not end at the border. For me, wherever there is one Mexican, there is our country." [Calderon Lauds Expatriots, By Manuel C. Coppola & Luis Alatorre, NogalesInternational.com]

That has a somewhat familiar ring to it, as, in 1997, the then president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo, said, while addressing a meeting of the Council of La Raza, "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important, part of it". Cross-border migration, Calderon said, is a worldwide phenomena triggered by a desire to secure a better life and there is no crime in furthering that aspiration. Again, total disdain for our laws, by the leader of our southern neighbor.

I called President Bush's office and, after telling the operator how pleasantly surprised I was not to have to press 1 to continue in English, demanded that he locate these relatives of Calderon and have them deported, post haste.

Hopefully, that would tell Calderon that we really won't stand for Mexico telling us that our laws can be ignored. I won't hold my breath while I wait for that to happen. I can only hope that enough of my fellow citizens are as outraged at this as am I and will insist that our elected "leaders" get off their politically correct, apathetic butts and put a stop to this insanity.

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