A Reader Sees Globalism As Reversing Continental Drift
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12/28/06 - An Engineer Reader Thanks Randall Burns And VDARE.COM

James J. Calautti writes from New Jersey:

I found the letter from the unemployed word processor from New York (Outsourcing Prevents A Reader From Contributing) rather ironic.  The person stated that much of the work is being sent off-shore by a company entitled "Pangea3".  Anyone who has studied geology will recognize that Pangea was the name given to the Earth's early supercontinent, a giant land mass billions of years old before it split up into separate continents.  Seems like we are coming full circle.

James Fulford writes: This is no doubt why Pangea3 [Send them mail] gave themselves that name, and it's also the idea behind Thomas Friedman's deeply stupid bestseller, The World Is Flat. About the only thing in its favor is that the offshore employees in Mumbai, (sic) are making no use of American schools and emergency rooms.

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