An Engineer Predicts Massive Anti-White Voter Intimidation In November
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Re: Thomas O. Meehan’s article As Black Rioters Shut Down Trump Rally, CNN Blames The Victim

From: An Anonymous Engineer [Email him]

I fear that the recent riot in Chicago that shut down Trump's peaceful, lawful political rally is a dark portent of things to come.

I predict that this coming November, we will witness a mass crime wave of voter intimidation that the country has never before seen. Leftists, Muslims, Mexicans, and the other "bruised fruit of humanity" will use whatever Communist and Nazi tactics are necessary to keep whites (and perhaps even turncoat Democrats) away from the polls to ensure that Trump loses in November. Blocking roadways to the polls, laying caltrops on busy roads, destroying voting machines, turning away eligible voters on false pretenses, threats to bomb or attack polling places, destroying Trump signage, chasing out vote canvassers, and attacking voters will all be fair game. Anarcho-tyranny will spring into action, as voters that attempt to defend themselves against intimidation will themselves be arrested on other bogus charges. The arrests will be excused as necessary to "prevent further violence" or similar baloney.

billy-cub-wielding-black-panthers-philadelphia-polling-station-2008The prospects of redress from "our" government are grim. Readers of probably remember the case of the New Black Panther Party standing in front of polling places during a past election, threatening to attack any whites that attempted to vote. The Obama administration declined to prosecute, with Eric Holder claiming the case was demeaning to "my people." They got away with it, scot free.

I furthermore predict that there will be a mass epidemic of election fraud, either by Democrats voting multiple times, Trump votes going up missing, or simply misreporting the vote counts.

Even if the politically-controlled FBI and Justice Department wanted to stop the problem, I doubt they have the resources necessary to stop the left from turning the Presidential election into a complete sham.

I predict that all evidence of voter intimidation and voter fraud will be memory-holed by the media. Thugs attacking Trump voters will go unreported, while the reverse will be magnified. The media will bury all reports of Trump voters being turned away from polls, or any other information that would de-legitimize a Democratic victory.

I predict further a mass wave of repression will be executed by the hostile tech industry, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google, in order to scrub the internet clean of all controversy over the sham election. Those that complain will first be labeled sore losers, and then labeled conspiracy theorists, or mentally ill.

I only wish I had more cheerful predictions, but despite Trump's enormous support, the left is not simply going to abide by the results of a free election. Their only pursuit is power, and they are determined to keep it, by any means necessary.

The only "good" that will come of it is that it will finally reveal to white Americans that their elections are no longer free and that they are held hostage in their own country by a violent, implacable minority.

I can only hope I am wrong.

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