An Elderly Healthcare Consumer Reports On The Multicultural Medical Profession In California
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Re: A Pennsylvania Reader Says Obamacare Will Import Nurses Who Can't Speak English

From: An Anonymous American "Oldster [Email him]

Given our ages, my wife and I have had many "contacts" with health care professionals in Los Angeles. We can assure you medical treatment is far worse here than your reader has experienced. LA is the future. Not only is there a language Tower of Babel, anti-white racial animosity on the part of providers is blatant,

Even worse are the numerous affirmative action hires who are grossly incompetent. For example, the nurse assigned to my wife's general practitioner is an African-American who can not reliably operate the blood pressure monitor or run an EKG. In my opinion the best course here is to avoid medical treatment if at all possible.

Record-keeping is haphazard. It's mandatory to check online for appointment times and dates as mailed/telephonic information is often wrong. My wife and I have been to over 100 countries; healthcare functioning in Los Angeles is inferior to much of the third world.

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