Judgement Day in Virginia Beach
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When the headlines about shocking crimes disappear from the news, it's easy for the general public to forget about the continuing pain and loss that crime victim families feel.

We should be grateful to columnist Kerry Dougherty for recording the scene at the sentencing of Alfredo Ramos in Virginia Beach. He is the drunk-driving illegal alien Guatemalan who killed two teenaged girls, Alison Kunhardt, 17, and Tessa Tranchant, 16, whose car was sitting at a stoplight. Ramos was massively intoxicated at the time of the crash, with a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit.

Dougherty described the emotionally wrenching testimony given by the two families and how the courtroom was "engulfed in grief."

When Alison's stepfather, John Warner, lamented that all he has left are memories, photographs "and an empty chair," Ramos seemed unmoved.

Ramos didn't flinch when Warner stared at him and said, "I'll never forgive you. Ever."

When Alison's sister told the court how much she missed her sibling, Ramos sat perfectly still.

"They're dead and he's fine," Ashley Kunhardt wailed helplessly. [Ramos will have plenty of time to discover his absent remorse, Virginia-Pilot 11/20/07]

Grieving father Ray Tranchant was interviewed on the O'Reiilly Factor Nov. 19 after the tough sentence had been handed down. What he said was a reminder of how the political can become the personal in very tragic ways.

TRANCHANT: Well, I — I have to go to work every day and do my job. You know, Tessa's mother and Allie's mother and father, they're stricken...

But you know, the leaders who don't want to do anything, and they want to waffle, for example, you know, just [the] city council, seven months later in Virginia Beach, finally made a statement. They're waffling.

The attorney general in Virginia is a known Republican. And he went out to the police force and said hey... you can lock these guys up. But the governor said nothing.

When you are on the highways for Thanksgiving, please drive extra carefully — Washington's policy of open borders for criminals has made our roads far more dangerous.

We are all thankful that the hard work of loyal citizens and institutions like VDARE.com have made great strides in the war to preserve American sovereignty, yet lives are still being lost at the hands of hostile foreigners

Appreciate all that you have this Thanksgiving, but remember that some families have suffered a great deal from immigration anarchy.

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