An Australian Reader Calls The Brexit Democracy Derby: British Working Class 1, Immigration 0
September 25, 2017, 06:36 PM
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From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

The 2016 referendum vote by Britain to leave the European Union should have gladdened the hearts of immigration-restrictionists everywhere.  Despite all the doom-laden, scolding, morally preening voices of the Great and Good that economic and xenophobic Armageddon would result, Leave was supported by 52% of Britons.

Why did they do it?  Through the Lord Ashcroft Polls, published recently in Well, You Did Ask: Why the UK Voted to Leave the EU, a clear, one-word answer emerges—immigration.

The Tory-aligned political polling company found that the “key motivation” behind the decision to exit the EU was immigration and border control.  One third of Leave voters cited this as the main reason for their ‘Out’ vote.  It was topped only by the national sovereignty principle that ‘decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK’ but that this principle should, “first and foremost”, be applied to immigration.  The one other significant Leave-inducing factor was the undemocratic imposition of EU rules and regulations but that, “at root”, many of these imposts were mostly immigration-related as well, for example restrictions on the right of the UK to deport foreign criminals.

Working class Britons were not feeling the much-touted benefits of EU membership with its borderless immigration whilst only elites and aliens were the winners - salivating, cheap-labor employers; benefits-hungry immigrants; the ‘Diversity’ demographic (66% of Asians, 70% of Muslims, 70% of Hindus and 75% of black Britons voted to Remain); mainstream politicians hyper-sensitive to ethnic voting blocs; and an identity-obsessed, race-besotted, multiculturalist Goodwhite liberal-left (is there any other kind these days?).

BREXIT was a triumph for working class democracy, living standards, quality of life, jobs and wages, and social services.  To the shame of the modern Left, however, it has taken a couple of Tory grandees to raise the priority concern of British workers - immigration.

As a broadcaster of Britain’s favorite sport might put it, the BREXIT democracy derby result was: British Working Class 1, Immigration 0.

Phil Shannon writes from Adelaide, South Australia, and describes himself as a “ supporter (from the ‘Alt-Left’!)" See a previous letter from him on Australian worker displacement.