A Reader Writes About The Latest "Hate" At Cornell
September 23, 2017, 06:35 PM
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A Non-Diverse Reader [Email him]

Cornell University used to (and still might) accept and educate some of the smartest, most athletic, and professionally-geared students from around the country, providing graduates with a strong and broad network enabling them to thrive within their desired career fields.

In 2017, however, it appears that Cornell is yet another overpriced nursery school harboring weak-minded children and word-fearing adults.

This incident below is allegedly an assault case, but HuffPost is really treating it as a “slur” case.

Huffpost Black Voices: Black Cornell Student Allegedly ‘Bloodied Up’ In Racially Charged Attack

He said a group of white men repeatedly yelled “F**k you, n****r’” at him outside his home.

By Dominique Mosbergen, September 21, 2017

Less than two weeks after someone chanted “build a wall, build a wall” near the Latino Living Center on Cornell University’s campus, a white student was arrested after allegedly assaulting a black student in front of his home and yelling racial slurs at him.

The incident has left the school and its community reeling, prompting hundreds of students to protest and the university’s president to convene an anti-bigotry task force.

“I will not tell you this is not who we are, as the events of the past few weeks belie that,” wrote Cornell President Martha Pollack in a statement on Sunday. “But it is absolutely not who we want to be.”

On Friday morning, police arrested 19-year-old John Greenwood, who is reportedly affiliated with the suspended Psi Upsilon fraternity, and charged him with misdemeanor third-degree assault for allegedly beating up a black student off-campus. [More]

I’m pretty sure there is more to this physical altercation than simply just an attack on a random black dude. The “build a wall” chanting outside a Latino center (why does such a center even exist?) is pretty funny, in my opinion.

James Fulford writes: I have no idea who is guilty in the black/white punch-up, but while punching people is frequently a crime, chanting "build the wall" is a legitimate political protest, especially since they were chanting it at the Cornell Latino Center, which  supports illegal aliens studying at Cornell.