An Australian Immigrant Reader Worries About Illegal Immigration
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From: Aussie Joe (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Courtesy Immigration Blog: Congressman Lou Barletta?

As a legal immigrant from Australia, the U.S. illegal immigration fiasco certainly concerns me, since I took the trouble to common to America the right way. My wife, from Hong Kong, won the crazy scheme known as the diversity lottery.

We both work in the Bay Area where we contribute both tax dollars and sweat to the US economy.

Unlike illegal aliens we have just passed the residence requirements after which we can apply for citizenship. Of course, we are unlikely to be able to vote until 2010.

Although my children are in college, I understand the concerns that other parents have that their children may not be able to get entry-level jobs so they can ease their way into the workforce. With a large illegal contingent tying down all the low-wage jobs, many American kids do not have a chance.

I have relatives and friends who live on the land and I come from a working class family so I have strong sympathies for the underclass—but not the illegal aliens who deny them the opportunities they deserve!

In the coming couple of years, with a severe recession looming, many Americans are going to want to do the jobs currently held by illegals.

By election year 2010, the issue of illegals taking jobs from Americans will be even more pressing than it is today.

Aussie Joe works in the technology field. His wife is an educator.

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