Courtesy Immigration issue: Congressman Lou Barletta?
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Very recently, the MSM has had to adjust its policy of studiously ignoring the race for Congress in the 11th District of Pennsylvania, arguably the most important in the country.

That is because their nationwide surveys are obliging them to report, as Bloomberg curtly puts it

Representative Paul Kanjorski is trailing Republican challenger Lou Barletta in the race for the northeastern Pennsylvania district the Democrat has held for 12 terms.

Democrats' Prospects for Gains in House Rise: Campaign Notebook By Joe Sobczyk and Laura Litvan Oct. 18 2008

Barletta is of course the hero of the Hazleton battles, which he fought as Mayor of the northeast Pennsylvania town to protect his constituents from the destructive consequences of a heavy influx of low-skilled Hispanics. His campaign to unseat veteran Democratic Pol Kanjorski (whose NumbersUSA voting report card score has unsurprisingly risen from a career average D+ to a B- in recent years as Barletta came to prominence) was honored by being the first targeted in TV ads by the Democratic National Committee as I noted in the summer.. A number of polls have actually shown him ahead.

A victory here, in a district held only for one term by the Republicans in the last 64 years - where the incumbent got 72% of the vote in 2006 and has a huge funding advantage - would be a dramatic triumph for Barletta and the patriotic immigration reform cause. No one is under any doubt as to the importance of the immigration issue here:

At 70, Beverly Shandrick has been a Democrat for decades. She likes U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski and says, "He's done a lot for the senior citizens." But the "immigration problem," she says, might drive her to vote Nov. 4 for Republican Lou Barletta, Hazleton's mayor… "They're taking over the town," Shandrick says of immigrants. "There's been a lot of crime since they moved in." Barletta leads a new Franklin and Marshall College poll by 5 percentage points in what has become the most closely watched congressional race in Pennsylvania.

Immigration fuels Kanjorski-Barletta race By Tom Infield Friday October 17 2008

Kanjorski is not weathering the unusual bother of having to campaign well. On Wednesday he failed at the last minute to show up at a debate. And, unlike many other threatened Congressmen, he championed the recent Bailout Act -which he was involved in crafting — enabling Barletta, who opposed it, to remark:

"If he's so opposed to President Bush's policies, why did he agree to bail out his Wall Street buddies?"

Kanjorski skips out on forum with Barletta By David Pierce Pocono Record October 16, 2008 is legally prohibited from endorsing candidates.

I feel the need to post an old blog.

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