A Florida Reader's Christmas Wish: Put American Families First
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12/17/07 - An Arkansas Reader Says Huckabee Ignored Proof Of Immigrant Welfare Use

From: "Awakened"

Re: Harold Rice's Letter: A New York Reader Says Good Luck To White Job Seekers

The job loss of which Rice writes is common throughout rural areas of the U.S.

I live in North Central Florida that was once traditionally white. The best jobs up this way are in construction and they paid wages high enough so workers could live modestly. 

Now, however, construction companies hire Mexicans, mostly illegal, to build roads and homes in the area.

Whites are losing the higher paying construction jobs to the cheaper labor groups. As a result, they are losing their property since everything since they can't make ends meet being cashiers or performing other menial jobs.

One family I knew lost its home and moved to a shelter. The parents could hardly feed their two beautiful children. It broke my heart. They eventually moved away.

Some white students at my son's school come to class with torn and dirty clothing now. Many are on free lunch programs.

My Christmas wish is to make American families a priority. To do that, we'll have to end the handouts to the foreign born who have invaded not only Rice's New York but also other states throughout the nation.

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Joe Guzzardi adds: Read Ed Rubenstein's series on American Worker Displacement beginning with his first column (in 2004!) that announced the VDAWDI, the VDARE American Worker Displacement Index.

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