An Australian Reader With A Daughter In U.S. College Worries About "Fluff" Curriculum
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12/14/07 - A Reader In Columbus, OH Is Impressed By The Main Stream Media's Deception

From: William Laing (e-mail him)

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Brainwashing In Academe: The Resident Assistant's Tale

And: John Derbyshire's Column: Diversity Boot Camp Closed At The University of Delaware—But Big Brother Is Still Going Strong

I followed a link to Kerry's superb article from John Derbyshire fine piece.

As an Australian who clicks "some college" when I join anything, I'm a bit removed from Kerry's direct experiences.

My daughter however (whose mother is American and thus a US citizen) attends Kalamazoo College, a mid-western liberal arts college of good repute.

I am trying to discourage her from an English major because of the tendencies Kerry describes and the more general drift towards "fluff" which both she and Derbyshire say is the rule in any course not anchored in hard sciences.

The recent election results in Australia will, I fear, accelerate the tendencies about which Kerry and Derbyshire have been warning us.

Yet none of the major parties in any country of which I have knowledge seems to have a clue what to do about this tide of PC pabulum  

Keep up the good work!

Laing, who lives in Sydney, is a technical writer.

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