An Arizona Reader Decries Trump Skepticism From NumbersUSA And FAIR
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Re: Peter Brimelow's GOP Should “Thank Heaven Fasting” For Trump But Instead Plans To Shoot Self In Testicles

From: A (Self-Described) "Fired Up Crazy" In Arizona [Email him]

I'm on the mailing lists of the D.C. Immigration groups, NumbersUSA and FAIR. A few days ago I checked my email and received an alert from NumbersUSA regarding Trump softening his position on tech workers and guest workers. Today, the email from FAIR reads, "Trump flip-flops on H-1B Visas."

While I credit both groups for doing some good research and a little lobbying on the most important issue of our time, I have always trusted my instincts when it comes to judging these politicians (I was against Trey Gowdy when Trey Gowdy was still considered cool) and have not allowed positive or negative commentary to influence my opinion.

NumbersUSA has informed their members that they are reducing Trumps 'Presidential Hopefuls' grade card,  the grades being based on what the presidential candidates have said during the election cycle. Let me repeat, the grades are based on what presidential candidates have said during the election cycle. (And we all know politicians never lie, ESPECIALLY during election cycles). How effective is this system? Well, their highest graded candidate for many months was Rick Santorum. Santorum dropped out and promptly threw his support to Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz is their current leader, a man who has been the beneficiary of tens of millions of Super-PAC dollars coming from all the usual places. His wife also being an executive with Goldman Sachs who has shown support of the North American Union.

It was disappointing to hear Trump's tech worker comment the other night, especially in light of his receiving what I consider the ultimate endorsement from Sen. Jeff Sessions. However, I am not prepared to jump on the #dumptrump heap just yet. Judging from how quickly his staff posted a clarification to his website later that night, they know it was a gaffe. You do not fly from city to city, day after day, talking for hours at a time, giving interview after interview, without making a few gaffes. Does he really feel that way? How wide will the door be in his Great Wall? However, looking at the alternatives leads me to believe…there are no alternatives.

Without Trump's presence in this race, I could easily see these last few debates being conducted in Español between ¡Jeb!, Marco, and Ted. Branding the GOP as the inclusive party and striving for 40% of that immigrant vote would dominate any conversation about immigration with a few platitudes about border security thrown in to keep the crazies calm. At least Trump has given these tired eyes a little flicker of hope once again.

When Vicente Fox trashed the idea of Trump’s wall on the Mexico border and vowed Mexico would never pay for it, Trump’s response was simply  "The wall just got 10 feet higher!"

His grade card was not increased for that on NumbersUSA, but on mine it shot up to an A+. You will never hear the others stand up to the bullies like that. I am sticking with Sessions, Kobach, Coulter, and Sheriff Joe and will vote Trump in the AZ primaries.

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