An Arizona Reader Chides Washington Watcher On McCain-Hayworth Race; He Replies
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From:  Jim Porter, Sr. [Send him email]

Re: Washington Watcher's article Lessons From The Betrayal Of J. D. Hayworth . . .

I get very tired of non-residents of our state telling us how we missed an opportunity for JD.

Yes, I voted for him, knowing we were going to get trounced by McCain's 24 per cent.

I voted for JD because I wanted him to represent our state. His family and my family were members of the same church. He is a committed, born-again Christian man whom we love and respect. He did not have a chance exactly because of the problems you cited. But . . .

But you. You passed off his infomercial, his other problems, his lack of cash, in a typical Washingtonian wave-of-the-hand fashion.

"You got a problem? Just do something about it. You live in flyover country? You bumpkins really just simply need the advice of a Washington insider to solve your problems, pathetic peasants. You bumpkins don't understand: Michelle, Laura and I know exactly how you should solve your problem. You should send JD to Congress because, I know he's got problems, that I understand—but I'm not going to tell you how to solve them. He's not that bad of a candidate."

(All from the same anonymous throne room in my castle from which I dispense state-of-the-art pearls of wisdom.)

Tell us, Washington Watcher: before the fact, how can we get more money for JD? Before the fact, how are we going to overcome JD's 20 per cent disadvantage?

Oh, you won't tell us those things. But AFTER the fact, boy, are you going to be of help to us.

Do us all out here in flyover country a favor: get off your bulky posteriors—you, Michelle and Laura—and help us raise money. Help us BEFORE the fact.

Your second guessing is really mousey and contemptible to people who are smarting.

Now, we are going to turn our attention to trying to direct a winning candidate into doing the right things in Congress.

Washington Watcher writes: I've been accused of a lot of things in my life, but no one has ever suggested I'm a Washington elitist.  If there is a single theme of my VDARE.COM articles, it is that almost every single person and institution in this city is useless. Yet after reading this letter, you'd think that I was trying to build a dam over a campsite for the Boy Rangers.

VDARE.COM is a tax-exempt charity, and can't endorse candidates.  But I can say I helped him in other capacities, including contributing my own money. As for blaming poor Arizonans, I spent much of the piece blaming Beltway conservatives and Republicans for rallying around McCain.

I don't purport to tell Arizonans what's best for them.  But I have no problem telling McCain voters who think he will do anything to stop the illegal invasion of this country that they are either ignorant or naïve. 

Our political system is rotten from the DC to Douglas, and it is going to take a lot of hard work by a lot of people to fix it—and that includes the local level.  I don't pretend to have all the answers, but if we don't acknowledge the problems, we won't know where to start. 

Peter Brimelow adds: Michelle and Laura do not have bulky posteriors.

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