A Reader Notes That People En Espanol Thinks That Only White Hispanics Are "Más Bellos" [With Photo]
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09/05/10 - An American Reader in Panama Notices What Allan Wall Did About Latin American Standards of Beauty

Re: Allan Wall's Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe And Guess What—She's White!

From:  An anonymous reader [Email him]

One of the supermarket magazines aimed at Latinos featured the "50 most beautiful Latinos"they were all white or close it.  I get a kick out of Telemundo, etc—only the servants are ever dark.

James Fulford writes: This fascination  with blondeness in Mexican TV was one of the earliest things I remember reading on this website—in 2000, Steve Sailer wrote "If you aren't familiar with the depths of Mexico's blonde obsession, try watching Spanish-language TV shows. Almost all the women on Mexican TV look like Finns."

And in 2007 People En Espanol was so embarrassed by the whiteness of their "mas bellos" group, that they threw in Beyoncé Knowles as an "honorary" Latina. [Quiénes son los 50 más bellos? , April 30, 2007.]

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