An AZ Reader Says The Constitution Doesn't Contain An "Anchor Baby Loophole"; Peter Brimelow Comments
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From:  Linda Bentley [Send her mail]

Re: RICO Lawyer Howard Foster On Anchor Baby Loophole

I think the angle AZ State Sen. Russell Pearce is looking at here in Arizona is passing legislation that would either deny birth certificates to children born to illegal aliens, or issuing some sort of other document to prove the birth occurred that would then need to be registered with the parent's country of citizenship. That would automatically invite MALDEF, LULAC, La Raza, the ACLU, every other alphabet organization, and probably the Obama administration to sue.

Personally, I don't believe that section of the Constitution contains a loophole, requires any changes or clarification. We've simply allowed illegal aliens and the Open Borders, One-World order folks to re-interpret our 14th Amendment to accommodate their agenda.

Linda Bentley is a reporter for Sonoran News

Peter Brimelow writes: Howard Foster tells me he agrees with this. When I say "loophole", I just mean that law as currently interpreted has unexpectedly resulted in this situation—not that the Constitution actually requires it.

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