An Arizona Carpenter Says That Because Of Senator Al Franken, He'll Soon Be Unemployed
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From: Jerry Donovan (e-mail him)

Re: Mabel Anderson's Letter: A Minnesota Reader Says Sen. Al Franken Lost No Time Subverting America 

Franken's first two Senate votes show how far the Democrats are willing to go to finish off American labor.

When Franken voted against Senator Jim DeMint's amendment to Homeland Security's 2010 Appropriation Bill requiring double-layer fencing along 700 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border and moreover voted against strengthening employee identification procedures (E-verify) to keep aliens out of the shrinking U. S. job market, he stuck a dagger into the hearts of struggling U.S. workers.

As a result of Franken's votes, now I have to worry about the possibility of many more millions of illegal aliens coming "out of the shadows" and into as many construction sites and jobs as our struggling economy can provide.

After all the years I have lost work because of illegal alien carpenters, the playing field will become level if and when they are legalized.

They'll be legal; I'm legal; they work cheap so I get no jobs. No one will have any reason to hire me.

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