A California Refugee Lists The Five Reasons He Left (Clue: Illegal Alien—Related)
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From: Bill Howerton (e-mail him)

Re: Arnold Portocarerro's Letter: A California Reader Hopes The State GOP Is Getting Its Immigration Act Together

Watching California from afar, I can't see any indication that letter writer Arnold Portocarerro is about to get his wish that the state will tackle immigration as a key issue.

Here are the top five reasons I left California:

1. Illegal aliens (many areas that were still okay ten years ago now look like Tijuana), signs in Spanish all over, English rarely heard, etc

2. Traffic, smog and pollution. Have you checked out the clunkers aliens drive?

3. The pathetic Los Angeles Unified School District and its trashed campuses. (See reason number one)

4. Crazy housing with several families to a single unit. (See reason number one)

5. Increased crime levels with gangs made up largely of illegal aliens and their anchor kids.

Allow me to summarize in one reason why I fled California: illegal aliens.

Howerton was born in Bakersfield but moved to Tampa, Florida in 1997.

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