An Anonymous Genealogist Settles The Question Of Maryland Shooter Jarrod Ramos's Ethnicity--Puerto Rican
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Re: James Fulford's blog item What Kind oF Hispanic Is Jarrod Ramos? MSM Doesn't Seem To Have Asked (Write If You Find Out)

From: "Anonymous Genealogist" [Email him]

Jarrod Ramos's paternal grandparents were Miguel Angel Ramos-Amador (1931-1988) and Mabel Torres Garcia (1930-2011). Both are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Miguel was Puerto Rican, Mabel was born in the US Virgin Islands. (Hispanic residents of St. Croix are almost all from Puerto Rico.)

I have not been able to locate Ramos's mother yet, but I suspect from published childhood pictures she was white.

James Fulford writes: Thanks to this reader and others who wrote in.It's amazing that we need to do this level of Internet research to find out something both police and media should be be in the business of telling us.


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