An Anonymous College Student Asks What His Generation Can Do About People Being Fired For Heresy; James Fulford and Peter Brimelow Reply
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From: An Anonymous College Student [Email him]

Aside from contributing financially (I plan on contributing to  as soon as possible when I get a full time job), American Renaissance  etc. to fight back against PC journalism, what can be done to combat the tide of firing of people for unorthodox views?

For example, Joe Sobran, Sam Francis, John Derbyshire, Pat Buchanan have all been fired from their jobs in the Main Stream Media for merely, essentially, being un-PC.

In brief, what can individuals do to fight the tide of un-PC conservative/libertarians etc. losing their very livelihood due to political correctness?

 As a letter writer to VDare wrote some time ago, when/how can Americans come "out of the shadows"—so to speak?

In other words, how do we counter this general consensus in which everyone from NR to the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) takes away the livelihood of mainstream figures for expressing a dissident opinion?

 Also, not to sound cowardly, but many of us who want to work in conservative or libertarian politics, especially of my generation, agree with much on American Renaissance / but can never say so publicly for fear of ending up like Sam Francis or Joe Sobran. (I mean no disrespect to them; I'm just using them as examples of what can happen financially to people who voice opinions that they did).

Is the only option to keep one's mouth shut?

See a previous letter from the same student.

James Fulford writes: Briefly, the more money you have saved, the less debt you have, and the more different sources of income you have, the less you will have to worry about your employer firing you.

It’s true that John Derbyshire no longer has his gig with National Review, but he’s still writing for, and for Takimag. Pat Buchanan is not an analyst for MSNBC, but he still has his column, and his latest book is still selling.

When Rush Limbaugh’s enemies were trying to get him fired, I and Kathy Shaidle both pointed out that  Limbaugh “doesn’t actually have a job he can be fired from. He’s a businessman with his own network, which he sells to advertisers and to radio stations around the country.”

Kathy Shaidle describes this as “Create a job for yourself from which you cannot be fired”. Do that, and then send us part of the money!

Peter Brimelow writes: I’m afraid James’ advice is not practical for most people. The Harvard economist George Borjas once told me the Political Correctness in his children’s public schools didn’t bother him because it was just like being in school under Castro. The appalling truth is that in key respect the U.S. now is like an occupied country—which does not mean, as the re-emergence of civil society after the collapse of Communism showed us, that resistance won’t continue underground.

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