An Anglo Saxon Reader Agrees With Brenda Walker About Illegal Irishmen
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Re: Deport the Irish

From: A Reader Who Prefers To Remain Anonymous

Hurray! I agree with you. The Irish Amnesty lobby, spearheaded by Irish-American Senators Kennedy and McCain, is a throwback to the old anti-Beacon Hill politics. Wanting amnesty for 25 million illegals and countless more of their family members in order to get amnesty for 50,000 illegal Irish does not add up ... unless you view the agenda in terms of resentment and ethnic vendetta. "Stick it to the WASPs," Ted Kennedy is tacitly saying, because they're all evil oppressors, even though Beacon Hill was one of the staunchest centers of the anti-slavery movement in the Antebellum era.

These pro-Amnesty Irish don't fit into the American culture; they love America, they say, but they don't love Americans—especially those who have a whiff of "English." I've seen this kind of politics in the Northeast my entire life, but now it's spreading nationwide. All Americans would be fools to welcome subversives like this into our collective, national home. Deport the Irish.

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