A Reader Asks Why Mexico's Richest Man Isn't Bearing Some Of The Tax Burden
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From:  A New York Reader

VDare.com readers might want to read the LA Times article  $49 billion is Slim's pickings in Mexico By Marla Dickerson,   March 9, 2007 about Mexico's richest man. One also might ask Mexico's president why there is no  estate tax and exactly how much Slim pays in income tax each year. (Meanwhile Slim did not start out as a mere shopkeeper—his wife, Soumaya, now  deceased, was the daughter of an industrialist, and niece of the ex-President of Lebanon—draw your own conclusions) And while we are at it we might ask why Mexico has the world's highest phone rates and why no U.S. phone company has been able to break into Mexico's phone market. (Hint: it isn't Mexico's superior technology) The answers are rather obvious: better to have U.S. bus drivers pick up the costs of Mexico's social services than have Senior Slim pay any share at all.

While I'm at it: Slim prances around the world bragging about his famous art collection housed in his Soumaya Museum, which just happens to anchor an uppah class (sic) shopping mall he owns.  It is famous only as a world class joke. He is a primary collector of fake Rodin sculptures and of non-religious Spanish Colonial Art which was/is almost entirely religious in nature. Maybe the question is what rock Slim crawled out from under? If we only knew we could smash it. Most Mexicans would give a sigh of relief. Naturally the Wall Street Journal would object.

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