An Anglo Reader Hopes For A Job As A Blackjack Dealer, When Americans Are Stuck On Reservations
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From: An Anglo Reader

I have been saying this for years. We "stole" this country from the Native Americans, and gave it, piece by piece, to every other nationality that wanted a slice.

Want crime?

We've got minorities to provide us with plenty.

Want gas from a convenience store?

 We've got minorities to sell it to us.

Want a room for the night?

We've got minorities to rent one to us.

Want terrorism?

We've got minorities for that, too.

Want drugs? Ditto.

Who is complaining the least about the above situations?

The Native Americans! Maybe one day, Anglo Saxons (like me) will be able to work in, or profit from a Casino, when us white folks are stuck on some reservation somewhere.

Food for thought?

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