An Anglo-American Reader Is Unimpressed By Dinesh D’Souza’s Vision Of America
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Re: James Kirkpatrick’s Dinesh D’Souza: Imagine America–And The Conservative Movement—Without Him

From: An Anglo-American Reader [Email him]

AMERICA-160x600_Banner_NowPlayingI read James Kirkpatrick’s review of “America, Imagine The World Without Her”. I haven’t seen D’Souza’s newest because I was sure it would be another contradictory mess, along the lines of his first mess of a movie “2016—Obama’s America”.

D’Souza’s gambit always seems to be to assemble a historical narrative of an America that never historically existed. Namely, an America where the schemes of an Indian immigrant self-promoter are sanctioned by American history.

In other words America as an assemblage of “ideas” divorced from its flesh and blood reality of 12 generations of Christian European Americans.

The real story that needs to be told is the story of the erasure of American history by D’Souza types. Obama and D’Souza seem a lot alike in this regard. It’s just pathetic that sign of the intellectual consistency of D’Souza’s program is that it synchronizes with the RNC party line.

I guess this is the “vibrancy” that comes when uncomprehending interlopers like D’Souza get access to the national stage.


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