An Americans-First Democrat Questions The Idea Of Voting Libertarian
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Re: A Libertarian Reader Reminds About Mexican Nazis etc.

From: John DiPaolo [Email him]

I am very grateful for the reminder about Mexican Nazis/LaRaza connection.

But I must take serious issue with the addendum. Especially the sentence "The Libertarians, should they get into power, wouldn’t use the federal government to stop the illegals but they wouldn’t prevent the states from stopping the invasion either."

The flaw in this logic is that, under a Libertarian federal government, there'd be no such thing as an illegal immigrant for the states to go after. Unless the reader is suggesting that, under a Libertarian regime, states (or possibly local?) governments would make their own immigration policy. This seems unlikely. My understanding is that this would require a constitutional amendment.

Also, there's no reason to expect the CATO Instititute/corporate cronies to even want this. It's overwhelmingly clear (even with the usual libertarian ambiguity) that anyone elected from the Libertarian Party would put property rights above states’ rights and national sovereignty. The only restrictions on movement of foreign nationals would be a function of private property rights, the restrictions being up to the sole discretion of the property owners.

At best, property owners could form contract-based intentional communities that restrict access to these foreign nationals, but then again so could the unrestricted waves of immigrants that a Libertarian government would allow.

There are reasons for AMERICANS of all political parties to favor immigration restrictions. Democrats need to understand (as I do) the way massive immigration obviously conflicts with their other alleged values (higher wages/reducing income inequality/reducing global warming etc.). Republicans and Libertarians need to understand the existential threat that a wage depressed/displaced/government dependent class of voters is to them.

As badly as this country may be in need of a Third Party that represents the citizens on immigration, the Libertarian Party, at least in its current form, misses the mark completely. I would prefer Democrats or Republicans to Libertarians on this issue.

Best regards and thanks to and the Libertarian reader for the unusual and remarkable content.

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