A Texas Reader Remembers What It Was Like Being A White Minority In A South Dallas School
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Re: A Woman Reader Remembers An Earlier Black Riot In Boston

From: A Native Of Texas [Email him]

The Boston reader who wrote you about the busing riots is not alone. My father was transferred to Dallas in 1968, my first year of high school. I didn't think much about it. I had gone to Dallas area schools when I was younger with no problems, but this was before integration.

The South Dallas school in 1968 was 90% black and was the most dangerous place I've ever been, before or since. I've seen hulking brutes actually threaten teachers with Coke bottles, which in those days were a formidable weapon. We moved to a rural area in the summer to escape this insanity. White flight from the carnage has left many areas of Dallas as dangerous as Detroit or Atlanta. Black violence against whites may be getting worse, but it has been going on for a long time. Because of the internet the media can no longer ignore it.

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