An American Reader Notices The Jobs Heading South To Mexico—As Mexican Workers Head North!
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From: An American Reader [Email him]

I happened to come across this online article today:

More Companies Moving To Mexico, Finding Fewer Laborers To Fill Jobs, By Robert Donachie, Daily Caller, August 15, 2016
Based on the information in this article, I cannot understand how people can take issue with Donald Trump's stance on trade; how does anyone think any working person in this country is going to compete with Mexican labor at $1-3 per hour? Worse yet, I would bet that most of the products being built by these manufacturers in Mexico are then imported into the U.S. for consumption here (by people who then have fewer good-paying job opportunities) without any financial penalty for moving the manufacturing out the country in the first place.

Worse yet, you see the comments made by Volkswagen who stated that they had 230,000 people apply for 4,200 jobs here in the states, you know the standard “jobs Americans won’t do” corporate propaganda line is complete BS.

What we're really talking about in this case, as is true in the case of U.S. IT jobs, are companies who won't pay Americans a labor market-based wage to do the jobs in the first place.

Donald Trump is right; these companies need to get hit hard by the tax/tariff ball bat. The motto should be: “You make it there, you sell it there. You wanna sell it here, make it here or get ready to pay a whopping tariff when it hits the border.”

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