A Reader Seeing Trump's Immigration-Focused Attack Ad On Hillary Predicts An Electoral Massacre
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item DAILY BEAST Smears Trump’s Man Steve Bannon With “Guilt By Association” With VDARE.com–But There’s NO ASSOCIATION

From: Ben Tallmadge [Email him]

In his interview with the Daily Beast’s Gideon Resnick [Email him] VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow said that

Latterly, Breitbart emerged as a nationalist site and done great stuff on immigration in particular. It’s irritating because VDARE.com is not used to competition. I presume that is due to Bannon, so his appointment is great news. Maybe they’re going to turn the campaign into a referendum on “comprehensive immigration reform” i.e Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, in which case it will be a massacre.
Now Trump has released his first ad, and it’s fantastic—perhaps we’ll see the massacre about which Brimelow speculated in The Daily Beast interview.


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