A Reader Reports The Resurgence Of "Jacksonians" AKA The Historic American Nation
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From: A Patriotic Reader [Email him]

I'm curious if you've seen this essay about the "Jacksonians" by historian Walter Russell Mead.

Not since he fought with Nicholas Biddle over the future of the Bank of the United States has Andrew Jackson been this controversial or this central in American political life. Jacksonian populism, the sense of honor-driven egalitarianism and fiery nationalism that drove American politics for many years, has never been hated and reviled as often as it is today, and many American academics and intellectuals (to say nothing of Hollywood icons) are close to demanding that Jacksonian sentiment be redefined as a hate crime.

For President Barack Obama and his political allies in particular, Jacksonian America is the father of all evils. Jacksonians are who the then Senator had in mind when, in the campaign of 2008, he spoke of the “bitter clingers” holding on to their guns and their Bibles. They are the source of the foreign policy instincts he most deplores...

The New Politics: Andrew Jackson, Revenant, The National Interest, January 17, 2016

I kept thinking of your phrase, The Historic American Nation....who, blessedly, appear to be awakening from their long slumber.

Thanks for all you do.

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