An American Defense Worker Describes His Youth In Hispanic-Occupied Albuquerque, Where They Rioted Against Trump
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Re: Allan Wall’s post Rioters Prove Mexicans “Not Criminals” By Committing Criminal Acts; Prove Their Loyalty To The U.S. By Brandishing The Mexican Flag–Brilliant Strategy!

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

I'm not entirely surprised that violent protests against The Donald erupted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque is far from being a quaint town with Indian Jewelry gift stores and confusing intersections where Bugs Bunny should have turned one direction or the other. Instead, it is a microcosm of America's future should the immigration disaster continue and not be reversed.


I lived in Albuquerque through my childhood, and if the child makes the man, my experience there has made me a fanatic reader and donor to the best of my ability. The town is heavily Hispanic, with a large proportion of Pueblo Indians. As a result the racial tensions are quite severe. It is really no different than a place like Sarajevo or Belfast.

In Albuquerque one can really see the difference between the Siesta culture south of the border and the more dynamic Anglo culture. This is exacerbated in that the Anglos in the state have normally been brought in as part of the Federal Government's various military and military-industrial projects.

The Anglos there are thus fit, highly intelligent, highly disciplined, and highly motivated. This contrasts with the Hispanic culture a great deal. The vast cultural differences are best seen rather than described, but I'll attempt to give a feel of what it is like in such an environment. Albuquerque is the only city that I've lived in where one's sweaty gym clothes and used deodorant sticks were a target for thieves in the school locker room.

It wasn't until I moved to a nearly all white part of America that I realized just how low-class the thieving was in New Mexico. In the school's hallways, fights broke out all the time. Again, I didn't see so many violent educational distractions in the Mid-West. Even Little League Baseball is corrupt. My fellow Anglo 5th graders played against Hispanic teams that must have been filled with 18 year old "children." Now of course, I seriously question the system that fostered such a society, but as a child it seemed normal.

There is no way around it, Albuquerque is a mean town—of course it isn't the "town" that's mean any more than it is "schools" that are "...bad."

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