An American Defense Worker Cautions Us On Asian Immigrants
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Re: Federale’s blog post “The Other Racial Divide”–Neo-Cons Starting To Notice The Black War On Asians

From: An American Defense Worker [Email him]

We who are aware of the "National Question" should be very cautious of embracing Asians for the mere reason that they aren't as pathology ridden as America's black population, as Professor Hough got in trouble for pointing out.

I've worked with many Asians, especially Koreans, and their culture is fraught with dishonesty, theft, incompetence, and corruption. When a black activist insists that Korean shop keepers are exploiting their customers, the black activists right to a large degree. (As Steve Sailer pointed out in Andrew Young Was Right, Not That Anyone Dare Admit It.)

The way I see it, every Asian who is occupying a university post, corporate job, or other high end specialty in America is a thief who has knocked out a far more able white. Intermarriage is probably exaggerated and is not going to resolve this issue.

We who are concerned with America's future and the future of the historic American nation cannot look to Asians as much more than a tool cynically used to divide and conquer the Rainbow Coalition as we move to restore our nation and our people's place in it.

In short we must oppose Asian immigrants like there is no black problem and fight the black problem like there are no Asian Immigrants.

See earlier letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: Much as I might like Asian immigrants personally, the thing to remember about skilled immigrants, and high-IQ, wealthy, commercially active immigrants, is that they displace a better class of American.

By the way, only part of the amazing academic performance of Asians is due to IQ and a culture of studiousness that only grows in high IQ societies. Another major factor in Asian test scores—willingness to cheat.

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