"The Other Racial Divide"—Neo-Cons Starting To Notice The Black War On Asians
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It appears that neo-cons are starting to notice black criminality.  Is this the neo-cons opportunism after the failure of the Rainbow Alliance in the 2014 elections or are they serious about black crime?

This is not a new issue. The Black War On Asians is an issue boiling in the Asian, especially Chinese and Korean, communities. Whether it be violent crime or affirmative action, Asians are getting riled up.

The Weekly Standard, May 15, 2015, by Dennis Halpin
The Other Racial Divide
When guests at a North Korea Freedom Week dinner in Northern Virginia learned the Korean-American pastor at our table led a Maryland church, they immediately asked about the situation in Baltimore. It was May 1, and National Guard troops had been deployed to the city three days earlier to help quell the unrest sparked by the death of a man in police custody. The pastor let out a deep sigh before responding. A few members of his congregation had lost everything. After working diligently for years building small businesses in a new country, they watched their efforts literally go up in flames as looters trashed their shops and carted off their merchandise.
The crisis reminded many in America’s growing community of two million Korean immigrants and their descend-ants of another city’s devastation two decades earlier. Baltimore’s riots began two days before the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which Koreatown, the heart of the Korean diaspora in America, was subjected to pogrom-like attacks by irate mobs. Though Asian Americans had nothing to do with either Rodney King’s or Freddie Gray’s injuries, they appear to have been the targets of some of the animosity unleashed by rioters.

The above photo; from the Rodney King Riots in Koreatown, Los Angeles, has been widely circulated on the internet as the "Rooftop Koreans for Hire" meme, something that the good people of Ferguson or Baltimore might find helpful.

Of course, this is a long time coming for the neo-cons. For whatever reason they have not been at the forefront of the black crime issue, aside for cheer-leading for Rudy Guiliani in appreciation for making the neo-cons themselves safer in NYC. Of course, this after years of ignoring black-on-white crime as a useful and successful wedge issue in politics that can help turn out working class white voters, not quite the social class the predominately Jewish neo-cons are comfortable with.

Perhaps this is a realization that both the reality, morality, and the politics of the moment are in alignment especially given that the Republicans can win when they use the issue, George Herbert Walker Bush and Willie Horton as evidence, and the failure of Mitt Romney to develop a wedge issue to turn out whites in his favor and the success of Obama negative advertising to suppress the white vote. This is especially important as Hillary! has endorsed black crime.

Will the neo-cons have the nerve to use the issue? It can remove Asians from the Democrat coalition with ease and turn out whites. A two-fer. Time will tell. Where is the next Lee Atwater? America cries out for you!

Or will Halpin get the Derbyshire treatment?

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