An Albanian-American Teenager Thinks We're Wrong
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08/29/06 - A Wisconsin Reader Reports Jesuit Magazine Frank About Church's Dependence On Immigration

Re: James Fulford's The Refugee Industry, Slavery, And Rape (June 10, 2004)

From:  [Albanian] Name withheld:

Hi, I just happened to come across this article in the web and I am amazed how little progress Americans have made when it comes to race issues. Here we all are, not supposed to judge people by their race/color/culture, yet we still do.

"The Lapjani family are (a) Gypsies, and (b) Muslims, and (c) Albanians."

a. Gypsies have their own culture that is very old. They still to this day speak their native language which they cannot write. They don't live like the Albanian people, they just share the environment that's all. In fact they have problems being accepted in Albanian communities.

b. Islam has nothing to do with this. We all know that you don't have to be Muslim to rape someone. Maybe you think that's Muslim mentality. If so you're  wrong.

c. ALBANIANS? This for me hits close to home. I'm Albanian and I was never exposed to that kind of lifestyle, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST!!! For Albanians, the most important thing is family. That's the last thing Albanian parents would do is what those people did.

In this article you generalize everybody. That's wrong!!!! The good is always followed by the bad. Where ever good people are bad ones are not too far behind.

Anyways I cannot make you change your mind. Obviously those people mentioned in the article are humans that were never exposed to civilization.

Have a good life, and always PEACE!

James Fulford replies:

I'm aware that Gypsies aren't one of the traditional Albanian Ethnic groups (Which for those of you who Albanian history in school are Ghegs, Tosks, and maltsori.) Guess what?—they aren't one of the traditional American ethnic groups either.

 According to the Lutheran Church that was responsible for importing them, their ethnic background looks like this:

At first, their situation may seem a little confusing.  Technically, their nationality could be classified as Serbian since they lived in Kosovo; but ethnically they are of ROMA (or Gypsy) descent and of Muslim religious orientation.  Linguistically, the family speaks Albanian and the father also speaks Bosnian.

 The family in question were Muslims, and yes, you don't have to be Muslim to commit rape, but it helps. A lot. And rape is part of the Muslim mentality, and has been since day one.

As for whether they were exposed to civilization in Albania, that's a moot point—'s idea is that civilization doesn't have to be exposed to them.

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