An Alaskan Reader Wonders When The US Government Will Use Its Diplomatic Muscle (Sanctions, Etc.) To Make Countries TAKE BACK Their Illegals
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Re: Federale’s blog post ICE SVU Arrests Americans And Releases Illegal Aliens

From: Ryan Kennedy (email him)

I really like Federale’s posts. I like some contributors' stuff more than others and he’s right up there. I think mostly because he approaches it with an insider's knowledge that no else has.

Federale wrote:

Both the Bush and Obama Regimes had a option when confronted with intransigence by the country of nationality of deportees. Quite simply, the Regimes could have either on their own executive authority or based on legislation passed by Congress, informed the obstructionist governments that visas, both immigrant and non-immigrant for said country's nationals would not be issued or previously issued visas would be cancelled based on that country's refusal to accept deportees.

This passage touches on something I've thought about: using diplomacy as one part of immigration enforcement. I've long dreamed about how the US could go about a holistic and systematic approach to immigration enforcement. I think diplomacy could be a useful tool.

Clinton used it in the 90s. Ironically, Clinton was the best recent president on immigration (which isn't saying much). This is because the only election Clinton ever lost in his life was right after the Mariel boat-lift. He blamed Carter who allowed the boat-lift which created problems in Arkansas during a riot by refugees at an Army base. It became an issue in the campaign that he lost.

He never forgot it and made deals with Castro when another Cuban boatlift loomed in 1994. He also made damn sure Haiti didn't descend too far into dysfunction and invaded it. He also had the Coast Guard aggressively patrol to intercept Haitians.

But of course George W. Bush seems to have set the precedent for Republicans not attacking opponents based on their immigration policies and now Democrats pursue reckless policies with no fear of electoral consequences.

I just dream of an administration that would use every executive tool in its toolbox and watch the Democrats and the press squeal while the American public says, "this enforcement thing isn't so bad!"

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