A Reader Writes Of His Mother-In-Law's Experience With The Citizenship Exam
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Re: Nicholas Stix ‘s article What I Saw At The Naturalization Ceremony—More Immigration Means Welfarism, Crime, And The End Of America

An Anonymous American Citizen [Email him]

Nicholas Stix wrote of his wife’s experience with the Citizenship Exam

“I believe that those workers passed everyone, whether they knew the answers to the questions, or even could speak English.”

My mother-in-law is a 75 year-old green card holder from Ukraine. She helped us raise my daughter and maintains a large vegetable garden on our property. But she is hard of hearing and failed the English section so we are re-applying with a medical exemption application on the grounds that she is hard of hearing.

She did pass the written section. But I can tell you, they don't pass everyone—they failed her.

I too wondered how, for example, Somalis pass that test.

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