An Alaskan Reader Is Unimpressed By Maria Hinojosa's Tax-Supported Immigration Enthusiasm On PBS/NPR
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From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

I recently watched PBS Frontline's latest (aired Oct 18) program on the Secure Communities  program and showingf a detention center. The program is called Lost In Detention—you can watch it online. It was really biased. Which is not surpring considering their correspondent is  Maria Hinojosa.

Hinojosa is PBS/NPR's resident professional Hispanic reporter. She hosted (and maybe still does for all I know) NPR's Latino USA which airs in both English and Spanish. She's completely open on these shows about her bias. But on a serious show like Frontline she manages to not be so completely obvious.

I remember listening to her on NPR complaining about a pogrom currently being carried out because her daughter had to listen to another student criticize the Anchor Baby thing in class discussion. 

Anyway, I think this program deserves a rebuttal. It's getting traction. I've noticed various MSM outlets parroting its points and Janet Napolitano was even asked about in a press conference.

The thing that bugged me the most is that they depict the US running a massive prison camp system above the law. But these people could walk out at any time if they just agreed to go home and drop any claim to be in the US. The US would even pay for their trip home! (After any sentence on non-immigration crime was served of course.)

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