An Alaskan Reader Compares Cultural Marxism's History Scrubbing To Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs
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Re: John Derbyshire’s article The Cold Civil War: Two Groups Of Whites Fighting Over America, With Minorities On The Sidelines

From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

Reading Derb's latest column about the New York City Hall art collection, something occurred to me. This deliberate scrubbing of cis-gendered white men from art galleries and history text books reminds me of what some Pharaohs did to their antecedents. They would chisel their names off of tombs and monuments. They did this so all glory would shine on them and their works and provide no ill contrast to their rule whether current or posthumous. Of course the difference here is that it's done on a massive racial level. It's like the Cultural-Marxists want to chisel the whole of white America out of history.

Of course the Cultural-Marxists have a problem. They don't have many Pharaohs of their own with which to replace the old ones. The ones they do have aren't that impressive or have some baggage that gets swept under the rug (e.g. Cesar Chavez’s campaign against wetback labor). So they make do with trying to naming as many things as they can after their limited hagiography.

This is why I expect that upon Obama's departure from power we will see an explosion of naming of as many schools, monuments and bridges after him not seen since after JFK was assassinated.

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James Fulford writes: There are already schools  and streets named after Barack Obama, believe it or not.

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