A Former State Department Official Comments On The "No Social Security For Nazis" Law
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Re: A Lawyer Objects To Congress Passing A Bill Of Attainder, Even Against Nazis. Who’s Next?

From: Anthony Boehm [Email him]

The recently passed “law” to deny ancient alleged “Nazis” their Social Security benefits is surely a Bill of Attainder. It is also a breach of contract between the DoJ and those “Nazis” who agreed not to dispute allegations of (usually) minor involvement in WWII era Jewish persecution.

In 1997-1998, while working in an office dealing with Holocaust matters at the US State Department, I had regular contact with Eli Rosenbaum, who headed the Office of Special Investigations unit on “Nazis.” He explained to me at length how his unit regularly agreed to allow suspects to retain their Social Security and other government benefits in exchange for them agreeing to voluntary denaturalization and departure from US territory. He was quite proud of the results of these settlements.

This process was used most notoriously against rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph who, along with Werner Von Braun helped the US beat the USSR in the rocket and space race. We thanked Rudolf for his work by denying him the right to live in the US, the country he loved and helped defend, and where his daughter lived.

It is disgusting that the Congress would pass a bill like this and that “constitutional scholar” Barack H. Obama would sign it into law. These old men were at worst minor guards on the periphery of camps. They never did anything wrong in the US. They worked here and paid into the system. They have earned their benefits and no court has ever found them guilty of anything. From Ukrainian friends I know that numerous former KGB men are living on SS or SSI in Brighton Beach in broad daylight, but they benefited from immigration waivers for their past service to an authoritarian regime. Another case of double standard against anti-communist Germans and Slavs.

Anthony Boehm [Email him] is a former federal civil servant who has written for VDARE.com.


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