An Alaska Reader Says That Pro-Immigration Unions No Longer Care About Their Members
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From: Ryan Kennedy [e-mail him]

This ran on NPR on February 5, about how unions flipped on immigration: 

How The Labor Movement Did A 180 On Immigration, By Don Gonyea.

In the story, an ex-UFCW union member says, "It was another way for employers to just strip workers of their rights," says Avendano. "In other words, that whenever a worker complained about not being paid their wages, or complained of sexual harassment or tried to form a union, all the employer had to do was call immigration, and they could deport away their problem." 

Well, at least it’s nice to know immigration agents used to respond to tips.  As opposed to now when illegal aliens can openly address national political conventions and write front-page op-eds in national magazines declaring their defiance and nothing much happens.

Doesn't this just mean that the union wasn't vetting their new-hires to begin with?  I was in a powerful union (Carpenters) and they made darn sure we all checked out with background checks and everything.  There is no way illegals would be tolerated when I was in the union.  The guys would raise hell about it at meetings.  

This just shows what a joke some unions are (e.g. SEIU, UFCW).  They really don't care about their members, they just want as many dues paying members as possible to pay the union bosses. 

Don't they know that Union power is all about restricting the supply of labor?

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