A Reader Wonders If Anything Would Have Been Different If McCain Beat Obama In 2008
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From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

After the disastrous election of 2012, where the GOP lost and we had Obama remain power, I have to  wonder—if  John McCain won the 2008 presidential election, wouldn’t he have done  the same thing Obama did to make sure he got reelected in 2012?

It is commonly believed that Obama won the Hispanic vote in 2012 because of his deferred action plan, the “Administrative Amnesty” where the so called 'Dreamers” were granted a work permit and deferment from deportation for two years.

Since the 2012 election, GOP senators like Rubio and McCain,  as part of the “Gang of Eight”,  have come up with a comprehensive immigration bill where the illegal population of 11 million can stay and be rewarded with citizenship —plus an increase in legal immigration.

No wonder the other side is celebrating, with the coming increase in diversity thanks to these RINOs.

Now what I am getting at is  this—would John McCain as president instead of Obama also have  come up with a deferred action plan to help pander to the Latino vote and get reelected in 2012?

James Fulford writes: I can answer this with some confidence—McCain would’ve been worse on immigration than the current President, because Republicans would not have resisted him as they do Obama. Hispanics don’t actually vote for McCain much anyway,  but he’s always in there pandering.

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