A Canadian Reader Wonders Why The Chinese Exclusion Act Was Such A Big Deal?
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Re: Brenda Walker's blog post Chinese Scribbler Expresses Solidarity with Illegal Aliens

From: A Canadian Reader (Email Him)

I read with great interest Brenda Walker's article about Richard Liu. [Message him on Twitter] His whole column is just a self-righteous rationalization for illegal aliens, including Asians.

It was also rather revisionist. Asians in America for 230 years? Since 1783? I rather doubt that.

But what I really want to ask is: why exactly is the Chinese Exclusion Act deemed wrong or immoral? And why did both the House and Senate apologize for it?

Immigration is only a privilege, not a right. No rights were taken from Chinese, since they do not have and never did have the right to invite themselves to America. The same is true with Canada which has also "apologized"!

To those who would reply with the shopworn Cultural Marxist argument about aboriginals being the earlier occupants, I would reply that there is no Chinese right to immigrate to Mexico, or Peru, even though the Aztec and Inca Indians were there before Cortez and Pizarro conquered them.

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