An African-American Reader Dialogs With J. Fulford
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03/13/11 - A West-Of-The-Mississippi Reader Says "No, Thank You" To Immigration From Multicultural Modern Britain

Re: (we're pretty sure) James Fulford's blog post: Katrina, Sailer, And Japan

From: Tyrone Mixon [Email him]

Why don't you just go ahead and say n——? You say it in the company of your company. You are the worst kind of coward. You have a certain mindset but won't say what really feel. White people are in their death throes and all you can do is bs and pussyfoot. I would rather you call me a n—— than some mean[ing]less pc title. I don't have any use for you spineless white folk. I would rather you be up front so I know what I'm dealing with not some jellyfish suspected homo. Please, do us a favor a get a taste for gun metal.

James Fulford: Which post are you unhappy with? Is it the one about how there's no looting in Japan?

That is perfect...don't even miss a beat. Put your pen down and learn about the people you hate. It's ignorant to blindly hate someone. But you have that market corne[r]d also.

James Fulford: No, seriously, which particular post?

Something you said made me think (yes, Black people do from time to time think). No, they don't loot, but they are about to irradiate the whole west coast of Amerika. No, they don't loot, but they are gonna make their own homes uninhabitable for 10,000 years. No, they don't and that makes them so much better than us darkies. Thank you sir but I would rather see looting by an oppressed people, than nuclear melt downs one behind the other. Oh yeah, I'm a former nuclear weapons specialist and I know what this means to all people. The lesson here: you can do whatever you what just as long as you don't loot. White folk are very, very dangerous. 

Tyrone Mixon is former nuclear weapons specialist, (or possibly not) who comments regularly on the SPLC's website.

James Fulford writes: So to add all this up, Mr. Mixon thinks we're jellyfish or suspected homos, (in our death throes) who should commit suicide by sticking a gun barrel in our mouths; he spells America with a "k"; and he thinks it's funny that there's a possibly dangerous nuclear meltdown in Japan. He also thinks it's "ignorant to blindly hate someone."I sense a paradox.

In answer, I may say that we do not use the Deplorable Word he references, even in private. We're not rap stars, after all.

And the Japanese reactor situation, while serious, is being dealt with by the Japanese people, whose scientists and engineers built the reactors. If Japan was populated by "oppressed peoples", no reactors would be built or running in the first place.

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