A West-Of-The-Mississippi Reader Says "No, Thank You" To Immigration From Multicultural Modern Britain
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03/12/11 - A Reader Points Out That Japan, Earthquake Or Not, Is Better Off Without Immigrants

From: James Catron [Email him]

Re: An English Reader Gives Us A "Birthright" History Lesson

Regarding the question posed in Mr. Slater's birthright history lesson:

"Can VDARE.com tell me why English people do not have the right of free immigration to all American states west of the Mississippi?  If the Treaty of Paris were interpreted in that way, it would be one way in which America's demographic train crash could be slowed!"

Who you calling English, sir?  Your "English" Blacks, Hindoos, Muslims?   I think your interpretation of the treaty would not be of ANY assistance to our immigration problem.  No, thank you!

See James Catron's previous letter.

James Fulford writes: Mr. Catron has a point—whenever I read in a headline that a "Briton" has been arrested in a terror plot, he turns out to be a Somalian or an Arab. Although one of the "British Islamists" In this story turns out named Donald Douglas Stewart-Whyte. (Really!)

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