A Talk Radio Listener Reports That WOR 710 Remembered The Boston Bombing, But Wouldn’t Mention The Bombers At All
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

WOR News 710 had a report today on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing that said that 3 people were killed and 264 injured "when two homemade bombs went off".

WOR now carries the Limbaugh show. They were running the same news report every half hour today. No mention of terrorism, Muslims, Tsarnaevs, etc. Just that some bombs went off. Who made them? Not reported, other than that they were "homemade".

I guess that means they weren't based on Muslim bomb-making instructions but were invented by some unnamed person.

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James Fulford writes:  They also don’t mention anything about the immigration aspect, either. If I were writing a headline I might say the attack was made by “two Muslim bombers,” “two immigrant bombers”, or “two Chechen bombers.” Usually the press likes to report that crimes have been committed by Men of No Appearance. WOR has decided on reporting that the crime was committed by no men.

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