A Young Illinois Reader Says That Mexican Vandals In Turlock Take The American Flag Seriously—Unlike American Elites
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Re: James Fulford’s blog items Commenters On The Turlock Flag Vandalism

 From: A Young Illinois Reader [Send Him Mail]

As obnoxious and historically illiterate as the effrontery of these Mexican banditos is, there is something encouraging about it!

If such people had any self-discipline or presence of mind, they would be waving the American flag in order to garner some good PR for their ethnic agenda. It wouldn't be very hard, considering what credulous suckers we are. Fortunately, however, the reconquistadors' tactical sense is overwhelmed by their chauvinism.

Even more importantly, the vandals have rightly rejected the ethereal drivel that passes for patriotism among our ruling classes. The prevailing attitude on the national question is that America means whatever dreamy dream you want it to mean. Thus, had these Mexicans accepted Cultural Marxist dogma, they would see no need to desecrate the American flag; they would believe themselves to be as American as apple pie.

The fact that they do not feel American is proof that the nation lives! They know what we know: that our flag does not stand for illegal aliens or Mexican irredentism; that it is the flag of the men who marched through the halls of Montezuma; that it stands for a people, a language, and a heritage to which these proud Mexicans would not and could not pledge allegiance.

Our elites wish to reduce American nationhood to the lowest common denominator that exists between actual Americans and impetuous foreign scofflaws. In this case, the scofflaws aren't buying it. Our flag still means something important and concrete to them.

Good. It means something to me, too!

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